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Families First provides you Aftercare Services at no additional cost.  We focus on various needs which you and your family may have after funeral services have been completed.

We are available to meet with you in person or by phone to review notifications which Families First completed on your behalf. According to your requests, notifications may have included CPP Death Benefit, CPP Spousal Benefit, CPP Children's Benefit, Revenue Canada, Income Securities, life insurance policy claims, and employer notifications.

We are also able to assist with additional tasks including, but not limited to:

  • scheduling bank appointments
  • cancelling credit cards
  • helping you make appointments
  • assisting to locate community resources to help where needed
  • record keeping suggestions
  • anything else we are able to offer guidance with

We have many bereavement resources you can access, including bereavement groups, individual counseling, and grief literature which is available online and within our facilities. Our commitment to aftercare has no time limit, as we continue to work with you until all estate questions and tasks have been completed.

Aftercare Services are available from any of our Team members but are led by Families First's Aftercare Coordinator, Kim Labute.

 You may contact Kim by calling



On-site preparation means that we can react quicker to your changing needs. It is now more convenient for your family to use our reception facilities between 5pm and 7pm and daytime receptions can be prepared on-site.  This is all possible because of Maureen Shepley, one of our own Team members, who has been working in the food service industry for over 20 years. She is also the creator of our famous cookies. We now offer hearty deli sandwiches, hot options, salads, vegetable/fruit trays and a wide variety of specialty desserts.

A family should stay together during funerals, don't worry about where to go for dinner!

Our facilities offer excellent reception rooms for you and your family.  We can  arrange for your family to have dinner between 5 and 7 pm so you and your family can stay together at your dinner break you will feel at home and comfortable in our facility.  On-site catered luncheons may be arranged to make it more convenient for your friends and family.  Wine and beer is available with a special occasion permit, which Families First will attain.

Convenient Location   |   Our reception lounge provides a friendly setting for your family & friends to gather for a reception.

Exclusive Catering   |   Our receptions are catered exclusively to offer you flexibility, choice and affordability.

Comfortable Environment   |   You will feel at home and well taken care of in our fully accessible reception facility.



Having our Team in-house gives us the ability to create custom tributes for you in memory of your loved one. Having professional printers, a plotter, a laser engraver and binding equipment on site allows for production in a timely manner. Our Team is consistently developing new and innovative ideas and applications to better serve your family.

Custom Printing Services offered:

  • Personalized Memorial Cards
  • Canvas Prints
  • Posters  |  Signs  |  Banners
  • Laser Etching
  • Memorial DVD's
  • Photo Books

To purchase items online please visit our MEMORIAL TRIBUTE STORE


Planning ahead and getting your estate and getting organized will alleviate your family's stress.  We can help you consolidate and organize estate notifications for your family with our complimentary Families First Life Organizer.

To obtain your Life Organizer please call a member of our Team at 519-969-5841