Families First invites you to join us for a series of presentations with

Christine MacMillan  |  BSW, MSW, RSW

These compassionate presentations will be helpful to anyone who is experiencing grief in their lives.

TIME  |  6:30pm - 8:30pm

LOCATION |  6038 Empress St, Windsor (The Hospice, Main Building)

March 22
Providing Support to Someone Who is Grieving
It’s often difficult to know what to say and do to support someone who is grieving. Learn about the grief process and what you can do to help someone you care about move through the grief process.

April 12
Dispelling the
Myths of Grief

Learn about the myths that make it difficult to move the grief process through and explore ways to free yourself of the “shoulds” in your grief experience.

May 3
Coping with the
Death of your Parent

The grief that follows the death of a parent when you are an adult is often misunderstood by yourself and others.  Learn more about the uniqueness of this grief experience.

June 14
Spousal Bereavement:
Till Death Do Us Part

The death of your partner will leave you feeling overwhelmed,  and uncertain of how to proceed.  Learn how you can cope with this life transition.

September 13
Children’s Grief

Learn how children express their grief and ways in which you can support them through the process.

October 11
Moving On: What does it mean and am I ready?
The death of a loved one is painful and the grief that follows challenges us in many ways.  Explore the uniqueness of this part of grief as you move through the process.

November 8
Understanding Your Grief during the Holiday
Facing the holiday season can be overwhelming when you’re grieving. Join others to learn how the holiday season affects you and how you can manage and cope with your pain.