Families First invites you to join us for a series of presentations with

Christine MacMillan  |  BSW, MSW, RSW

These compassionate presentations will be helpful to anyone who is experiencing grief in their lives.

TIME  |  6:30pm - 8:30pm

LOCATION |  6038 Empress St, Windsor (The Hospice, Main Building)

February 21
Grief and Closure: What does it mean?
Join others to explore the meaning behind this common belief, why we seek closure and whether it’s possible.

March 21
Self-Care while you’re Grieving
Self-care is often confused with selfishness. However, when you’re grieving, self-care is crucial. Learn ways you can develop your self-care plan to help move through your grief.

April 18
Coping With The
Death Of Your Child
Grieving the death of your child is a lifelong journey.  Join other parents to learn about the uniqueness of your experience and how you can learn to live with your broken heart.

June 6
Spousal Bereavement:
The death of your partner can leave you feeling off balance and overwhelmed.  Join us as we explore some ways you can cope with this life transition.